Shepherds Family Law | Kids in the Middle
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Kids in the Middle

I thought you might find this video interesting –  It features English teenagers talking about the separation of their parents.  As a family mediator and lawyer, the video made me reflect on:

  1. Even though the interviews occur around 6 years after separation, some of the teenagers are still hoping their parents might get back together.
  2. The teenagers spend a lot of time and energy thinking and worrying about their parents and their separation.
  3. The parents gave little and conflicting information to their children about the separation – perhaps explaining the above two points.
  4. The separations could have been made easier for the children (and probably the parents) by greater communication between the parents and clearer explanations about what is to happen being given to the children.  Mediation is a great way for parents to decide how to do this.

I have been referring my mediation and legal clients to the video. You may have clients, colleagues or friends who would find it useful.